Hausmatte and Helena Krähenbühl

Helena Krähenbühl is not only an inspirational Swiss artist who has produced a strong body of work over the last forty-five years, she has also supported other artists by providing them with a physical space to exhibit their own works.

For too long Helena has focused more on other artists than herself, so it is my absolute delight to announce that Hausmatte will be working closely with Helena and her family as she reflects back on her body of work, talks about what inspires and drives her creativity and reveals her plans for future projects.

Selected works will be available to buy from

“Gestrickt und theorielose empfindlichkeit – 1990’s Hünenberg Series”  – for Helena the process begins with the materials and the creation of the art itself is a meditative process. Each piece can take months, even years. Essentially a textile artist, her methodical approach is in contrast to the increasingly fast pace of life which can always be felt within the apparent ‘order’ of her work. 

Over the next year we will work with Helena to present a selection of her work including these four pieces from 1990’s which are available exclusively through Hausmatte.

Helena talking about her creative process – she often begins a piece of art and then revisits it several times over many years.

For more information on Helena please contact

Helena Krähenbühl Artworks


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