Zug, Hausmatte and the ‘See Berg Haus’ project


With the artist Jonathan Chapman – exploring new places to paint in Canton Zug

Born and educated in England, I have lived in Switzerland with my family for five years. A former Barrister and business development professional, I recently started a small business after a career break. Rather than go back to law or work for someone else, I decided to set up something where I only sell things I really love and work on creative projects and with people that inspire me.

Working with the artist Jonathan Chapman I sell original artwork, limited prints and we explore new commission opportunities. If you have a suggestion as to where Jonathan should paint next please contact me, we are always keen to find new sources of inspiration.


All Jonathan’s paintings capture the special relationships between the communities and landscapes of Switzerland and are forming a series called ‘See Berg Haus’ which will be celebrated here in Zug with an exhibition in June.

The main focus of Hausmatte is to find exciting opportunities for my artists to license images or create bespoke work for brands. Jonathan’s paintings scale down beautifully onto merchandise and the originals – they are something else! That is why it is so important for me to bring a physical exhibition to the Park Hotel in Zug this June and Jonathan’s latest painting ‘Springtime in Zug’ will be in the window of Wünderbox, the tourist information point in the Old Town, throughout May.

I also love working with our wonderful local businesses to produce and sell cards, postcards and calendars which will be available locally through the garden centres, shops and tourist points around town this year, and through Hausmatte of course, from April.

Aside from my personal business goals, the more I get to know the Swiss business community here in Zug the more I want to help them celebrate and raise the profile of Zug. I want people to come and experience our wonderful countryside, parks and lakes and support our local businesses who work hard to give Zug special character.

Many small local businesses face challenges, even in a town like Zug which is known as a dynamic global centre for big business. I know there are many – locals and expats – who are dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the town. 

This has had an impact on me and one of my goals is to see what I can do to support the effort of other local businesses to attract more visitors to Zug to enjoy our shops, coffee shops, restaurants and local sights and to build a stronger profile for Zug in Switzerland and beyond. 

Thanks for all your support so far,


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