SEE BERG HAUS showcase in Zug begins with ‘Springtime in Zug’ original in Old Town Tourist Information Point

Working with artist Jonathan Chapman MA this year has been such a pleasure. Many who are from, have lived in or visit Zug and the surrounding area agree that his signature style of acrylic and pen paintings really capture the beauty and vibrancy of the town. 

Many of you already know his work from the greetings cards and limited prints that are for sale through Hausmatte and authorised retailers. From May, several originals from his ‘See Berg Haus’ series will be exhibited at the Park Hotel Zug from 19th June – 1st July. Feel free to wander in and take a look. Information about future planned paintings will also be available…Cham, Aegeri and Baar will not be left out!

One of our most supportive partners who have helped us to bring the ‘See Berg Haus’ is the amazing Wünderbox In Zug Old Town which is not only a useful tourist information point but also has a fantastic selection of gifts, crafts and produce – from the local area and across Switzerland.

Throughout May you can see the original of ‘Springtime in Zug’ in their window as you stroll through the Old Town. 

For more information on artist Jonathan Chapman MA, his See Berg Haus series, commissions, originals and limited prints  please contact or 0787954043

Thank you again to all those locally who have supported us so far – we can’t wait to show you some of our plans for further work at the exhibition…

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