Joanne Finnegan – Zug artist joins Hausmatte

Fresh from a successful Summer in London as part of the Royal Academy’s collection, we are pleased to welcome back to Switzerland the Rotkreuz-based artist Joanne Finnegan and to introduce her as part of the Hausmatte family. 

“I always start with outdoor sketches and photographs, then I return to the studio, producing perhaps four or five drawings to give me ideas for the larger canvas. Then, working fast, the painting starts to take shape as different base colours are added. At this stage, colours are added directly to the sky to give depth and atmosphere. I am apprehensive as the painting comes together, working in bursts of several hours at a time over several months. I bring the painting out of the studio and into our home so I can live with the image and get a feel of its direction – what works and what needs to be re-worked. The painting slowly becomes my representation of the mountain and the impact it has on me”.      Joanne

After I moved to Switzerland in 2007 ‘still life’ painting was pushed to one side and the Alps started to invade my work. I devoured the landscapes of Ferdinand Hodler and the stories of Heinrich Harrer.”

We have several projects planned for the next 12 months and we have original paintings from the collection available to buy now exclusively from Hausmatte. For more information about originals and commissions please contact or 0041 787954043

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