Joanne Finnegan, our mountain painter, turns to Rigi and Pilatus for inspiration 

I have had such an exciting six months working with new Hausmatte artist Joanne Finnegan.  She is as engaging and memorable as her paintings and I could spend hours with her at her studio looking at her sketchbooks and watching her work. There is something really special when an artist puts a great deal of their personality, emotions and experiences into their art and is not shy about sharing it with you. For example, I love that she always paints two paintings of a subject matter at once, so as not to feel intense pressure working with an individual canvas. She is also not afraid to experiment with textures and new techniques to develop her style. It is really exciting and impressive and many clients have enjoyed the experience of seeing her art and meeting her at the studio – they invariably feel the same way as i do!

This year we are enjoying our residency at Toni and Guy hairdressers in Zug. Such an amazing space to show Joanne’s artwork and we try to change things up as soon as one of the paintings finds a new home. For all sales enquiries please contact We have several original paintings on canvas and framed from approximate 50x70cm up to 140x120cm. We would love to find you something special for your home. Why not contact me to arrange a studio visit?

Hausmatte works with artists to find creative adventures in Switzerland. To learn more about Joanne Finnegan, to discuss original artwork, commissions or licensing of images please contact   00 41 787954043

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