Jonathan Chapman Celebrates the Beauty of Canton Zug this Winter

It is not difficult to find inspiration in the beauty of Switzerland in the Winter, but this year Hausmatte artist Jonathan Chapman wanted to focus on areas of Canton Zug that deserve as much attention and appreciation as the Old Town, like Ägerisee and Cham. For those who will always be deeply committed to Old Town Zug, we also have a new perspective from the Rosengarten which reflects the season yet captures the dynamic between the traditional and modern in our vibrant and developing town.

 Jonathan’s art is special because it connects people with places they love and we spent time exploring new sources of inspiration back in March.  We listened to local people who gave us so many great ideas. We also had amazing support from those who attended Jonathan’s first exhibition at the Park Hotel in June. This was followed by a short residence in Starbucks Metalli – a much appreciated gesture of support for a local project that has communicating the special qualities of our Canton at its heart.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our art – not just those fortunate to own This year we have great cards, limited signed prints and a small selection of originals from Jonathan’s See Berg Haus series for sale direct from Hausmatte ( and at selected outlets in Zug like Papnova in Metalli and Wünderbox in the Old Town. You may also see us at several of the Christmas markets – more details to follow! We would love to help you find a wonderful and unique gift.

To learn more about Jonathan’s See Berg Haus project, to buy cards, prints or originals  or to discuss commission or licensing opportunities please contact

We find creative opportunities for artists we love.

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