An exclusive original from Jonathan Chapman

Unbelievable to be thinking about snow with the amazing weather we have been enjoying, but I wanted to introduce some new artwork from Hausmatte artist Jonathan Chapman.

‘Snowy Cham’ will be available as a limited edition signed print and as a Christmas card in a few weeks but I can also offer the ORIGINAL ‘Snowy Cham’ – 28 x 28cm illustration presented in a 50 x 50cm black aluminium glazed frame for 600chf including delivery (duty to be paid by you on delivery).

Please contact

Joanne Finnegan – Zug artist joins Hausmatte

Fresh from a successful Summer in London as part of the Royal Academy’s collection, we are pleased to welcome back to Switzerland the Rotkreuz-based artist Joanne Finnegan and to introduce her as part of the Hausmatte family. 

“I always start with outdoor sketches and photographs, then I return to the studio, producing perhaps four or five drawings to give me ideas for the larger canvas. Then, working fast, the painting starts to take shape as different base colours are added. At this stage, colours are added directly to the sky to give depth and atmosphere. I am apprehensive as the painting comes together, working in bursts of several hours at a time over several months. I bring the painting out of the studio and into our home so I can live with the image and get a feel of its direction – what works and what needs to be re-worked. The painting slowly becomes my representation of the mountain and the impact it has on me”.      Joanne

After I moved to Switzerland in 2007 ‘still life’ painting was pushed to one side and the Alps started to invade my work. I devoured the landscapes of Ferdinand Hodler and the stories of Heinrich Harrer.”

We have several projects planned for the next 12 months and we have original paintings from the collection available to buy now exclusively from Hausmatte. For more information about originals and commissions please contact or 0041 787954043

Jonathan Chapman and Starbucks

Following his exhibition in June at the Park Hotel Zug we were delighted to spend the Summer with Starbucks. The Metalli branch were gracious enough to host Rigi, Pilatus and Springtime in Zug original works in place of their usual Starbucks artwork. We hope the staff and customers enjoyed a little bit more Switzerland with their coffee. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen! 

Starbucks, Zug ¬†– Jonathan Chapman’s originals inspire ‘Create your own’ Reusable coffee cups¬†

Had a really great day yesterday installing three of Jonathan Chapman’s original paintings (Springtime in Zug, Rigi and Pilatus) in our popular and welcoming Starbucks in Zug, Metalli. 

A little more Zug in your coffee

Inspiring the create your own design reuseable cup
When I first started Hausmatte I spent many hours in Starbucks (self-employed people often crave that feeling of being alone together and they were very tolerant of my office from home in the corner of the store!). Starbucks manager Catherine – who is one of the most personable and kind people I have ever met – has supported my idea to find creative ways to use Jonathan’s art in collaboration with Starbucks from the beginning. Not only does Jonathan’s art connect people with places they love, it so versatile when applied to physical objects like a coffee mug or a greetings card. We have some great ideas for Starbucks and hopefully there will be an opportunity to show them some really ambitious ideas in the future…

Our first project together is an installation of three of Jonathan’s recent paintings from the See Berg Haus series.

Springtime in Zug – Acrylic and Pen

We hope you will take a look next time you stop by the store and thanks again to all of you who supported our recent exhibition!